How VueJs became popular in a short period

The Javascript ecosystem is full of choices, with many Web Development frameworks and libraries. One of the framework is Vue.Js which has become popular these days. Vue was originally released  in Febuary 2014. The author of the framework is Evan You.

First of all what is Vue.Js?

Vue.JS is a Javascript framework for building web interfaces. Vue.JS has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. It ranks number one among the five Web Development tools that will matter in 2018. 

How Vue.JS was created?

The author of Vue.Js, Evan You, worked in various Angular Js projects while working at Google. He built a lightweight solution by extracting the best parts of AngularJS without all the extra concepts involved. That's how Evan created Vue.JS. The framework was made to address the flaws of Angular, but, in reality, it combines the best parts of two frameworks: AngularJs and ReactJS.
From Angular, it took similar templates with good syntax. From React, Vue took the component-based approach, props, one-way data flow for component hierarchy, perfomance, virtual rendering ability.
We know that every Web framework has strong benefits, otherwise no one would use them. Vue is not an exception and here are some reasons why Vue. JS is a good web Framework.

- Good documentation. For starting a new framework one of the most important thing is its documentation. Vue.JS documentation is well maintained, it includes a simple but very comprehensive guide and well-documented APIs.

Why to choose Vue.Js?

- Tools. It saves time thanks to the out-of-the-box official Command-line Interface (CLI). Vue is so incredibly popular also thanks to the Vue CLI - a system created and supported by the Vue Core Team that reduces to a minimum the time developers usually spend on initial project setup and scaffolding. Vue CLI includes a project generator that makes it easy to start a new project and generate a scaffolding ready for development.

- Performance. One of the main reasons many teams are using Vue is because of its performance. Vue is small and even with minimal optimization effort performs better than many other frameworks. This is largely due to its lightweight virtual DOM implementation.

- Community. No framework can succeed without community support and, as we’ve seen already, Vue has a very active and constantly growing community. The framework is already adopted by many big companies, and its growth is only going to continue.

Vue.Js offers plenty of benefits. It perfroms well and is very easy to learn. Working with Vue is pure pleasure and developers have a lot of fun tinkering with the framework.

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